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Battle of the Sours (England vs Scotland)

Join us for an epic Battle of the Sours …

In the blue corner – Scotland:

  • Holy Goat: Blood Eagle BA Flanders Red w/plums (375ml) 6.6%
  • Holy Goat: Sunslayer BA Sour w/Apricot & Vanilla (375ml) 7.2%
  • Vault City: Apple Bramble Cinnamon Cobbler 375.00 8%
  • Vault City: Coffee Poached Pear Praline Crumble 375.00 8%
  • Up Front: Scottish Blackcurrants (440ml) 7.4%
  • Up Front: Scottish Strawberries (440ml) 7.4%

In the white corner – England:

  • Yonder: Fool Gooseberry Imperial Pastry Sour (440ml) 9.5%
  • Fallen Acorn: We’ll Pay You In Exposure w/Passionfruit, Pineapple, Peach, Vanilla, Raisin (440ml) 7%
  • Little Earth Project: Echoes of Summer 2020 Mixed Berry Sour (375ml) 4.5%
  • Little Earth Project: Simcoe Sour (375ml) 5.2%
  • Little Earth Project: Stupid Sexy Suffolk Blend IV (375ml) 5.4%
  • Attic Brew: Garden Party Tart Fruit Pale Ale w/Strawberry (440ml) 5.4%

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