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Wilderness Brewery Tasting Box

This week we have a lovely tasting box from Wilderness Brewery for you.

Wilderness are a small, independent, family-owned brewery specialising in modern mixed-ferm farmhouse style beers. Their beers are are simple, unfiltered and vegan friendly and part of their production is aged and soured in their barrel store.

Included in the box is;

  • Homestead Mixed-Ferm Pale Ale (330ml) 5.5%
  • Only Half Awake Grisette (440ml) 3.6%
  • 8 minutes 20 Funky Tropical Stout (440ml) 4.8%
  • The House I Grew Up In Sherry & Whisky BA Saison (440ml) 6.1%
  • Getting Through The Day Tempranillo BA Funky Pale (750ml) 5.4%
  • Modern Love Sour & Funky Farmhouse Whisky BA (750ml) 7%
  • This is a limited release of 24 boxes.

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