Sour Beer Club was created in 2020 by Mark Fretwell who also runs Imperial Beer Club.

“Since becoming involved in the beer industry my interest and appreciation of sour beers has grown, to the point where one day I realised I’d been steadily amassing a collection.

I’ve introduced a number of Sour Beers to members of Imperial Beer Club over the years, but necessarily limited to beers of a certain ABV – and always as part of a bigger selection.

Sour Beer Club gives me the opportunity to provide boxes of beer with a different agenda – whilst also increasing the amount of beer I am legitimately allowed to buy for ‘work’!

I’ve never been one for the mainstream.  If you decide to join Sour Beer Club I  promise to bring you boxes of flavourful beer made with interesting ingredients from some of the best breweries specialising in this style”.

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